Giclee is a French term for a type of sophisticated ink jet print. These fine art prints are of the highest quality and in many cases produce an image so close to the original it is difficult to tell them apart. Some Giclee prints can take hours to produce a single image. The inks are archival in quality as is the paper.

  A lithograph is an image printed from a plate or stone. The image is drawn on or transferred mechanically to the plate or stone. The impression of the image is inked then transferred by pressure to a sheet of paper. This process is repeated over and over again until all the colors that go into creating the print are registered accordingly next to or on top of one another. Only archival inks are used in the process.

  All fine art prints are produced on acid free, museum quality papers under the direct supervision of the artist Steven Saylor / Evergreen Studio.

  All prints include instructions on "Caring for the Print" and a "Certificate of Authenticity."