"A View from Within"


“A View From Within”

 Giclee print
Image size: 38" x 28" - Edition: 200 signed and numbered / 12 remarqued artist proofs. 
Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center - Benefit for their Cancer Center

  I’m honored to have been commissioned to create this Commemorative painting for the new Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.  The commission stipulated the painting was to be based on the principals of Feng shui. Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The term literally translates as “wind-water” in English.
   Utilizing the design elements of wind and water, this piece is best explained in terms of balance. Balance is achieved through design and color. The circular design created by the splash accommodates all shapes within themselves, and is a metaphor for unity and wholeness.

  The simple color pallet: Parrish blue and yellow speaks to the viewer on a visceral level.

  Blue is calming, yet it can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. The cool color blue is universal, brings peace, conveys importance and confidence plus its associated with intelligence, stability and unity.

  Yellow is sunshine. It is a warm color and denotes happiness and joy. Yellow is a color with a high vibration and is visually an excellent compliment to blue. It also denotes wealth, health and energy. A component of the yellow spectrum in the painting blends with the setting sun, creating variations of red in the scene.  Red grabs ones attention and evokes confidence.

  The painting ultimately is a view from within each individual who gazes upon it. Each time the viewer returns to it, like meditation or prayer, different feelings are invoked and inner peace is encouraged.

  I hope all who gaze upon “A View From Within” and come away with an inner calm and hope for their future and those they love, both human and animal alike.

 The Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, above all else, is a haven for healing through the power of care, color and quiet.  As someone who has meditated for over 37 years, I understand the emotional and physical benefits of these principles and have created this image to that end.