• "Christmas and Carol"

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      "Christmas and Carol"

    Paperback 8" x 10"

    This is the first children's book based on true stories from the "Triple S Ranch." The book is part of a series called "Tales from the Triple S Ranch," and features stories written by Johnye Saylor and illustrated by Steven Saylor. The book is a beautiful and suspense-filled tale, with all the classic elements of a great children's story.

     The book features a bunch of rescue animals that reside at the ranch, and they can be seen hanging out in the sleigh. The cast of characters is listed at the back of the book, with their images and names displayed on a page. Families have taken their copy of the book around the ranch to see how many characters they can meet, and the reactions of both children and adults have been priceless.

     The book is dedicated to all the rescued animals and those that need rescuing, as well as the individuals and groups who help rescue them. The story is thirty-two pages long, with eleven pages of full illustrations. Each illustration is available as a limited edition print.