"Bon a Tirer"


"Bon a Tirer"


Image size: 6" x 7-1/2" - Edition 40 signed and numbered 12 remarqued artist proofs

This text provides detailed information about the first woodcut for the Christmas series, created in 1976. The print was titled "That by which the others are judged," a French term used by printers. The term refers to the standard of excellence that is set in the printing process, such that the quality of all other prints can be judged against it.

The woodcutting process involves carving the woodblock, inking it, and then pulling a print. The process is repeated several times until a satisfactory print is achieved, and adjustments are made to the woodblock as needed. The final print that meets the desired standard is known as the master print or Bon a Tirer.

Once the master print is achieved, it serves as the standard for all other prints in the edition. Every print must match the master print in terms of quality, color, and texture. This ensures that the entire edition is consistent and of high quality.

In summary, the first woodcut for the Christmas series was a meticulous and detailed process that involved several rounds of printing and adjustments to create the perfect master print. This master print then served as the standard for all other prints in the edition, ensuring consistency and high quality.