"Carmel Mission Fiesta"


“Carmel Mission“

Lithograph print
Image size: 25" x 18.5" - Edition 260 signed and numbered / 25 remarqued artist proofs

  This painting commission was for a client in Carmel Valley, and a great challenge.

  The project called for an early 1800's scene of the Carmel Mission during the annual fiesta and trading days that brought people from all over the west.

  One of the major challenges was talking the various local Indian tribes to come back to the Mission for this painting. There was a tremendous amount of ill will towards the Mission as a place of repression and heartache for the local tribes.

  However, after an initial meeting with various tribal chiefs and a cleansing ceremony we held on the mission grounds, the Chiefs agreed to the project.

  Gathered together were several hundred characters including the tribes, each in their native costume. With a traditional period feast prepared, this was a very special day in the lives of all who attended.