"Headed for Home"


"Christmas and Carol"

"Headed for Home"

Original Glazed Watercolor - Framed

Image size: 8-1/4" x 10-1/2"

The children's book "Christmas and Carol" features a charming illustration of Carol, a mother hen who has just hatched her baby chick in one of the cozy ranch stalls. The illustration is vividly detailed, showing the delicate, downy feathers of the chick as Carol tenderly watches over it. As the chilly winter weather sets in, Carol realizes that the ranch may not be the safest place for her and her chick. She decides to lead them towards the shelter and safety of the hen house located on the hill. The hen house is a warm and welcoming place, providing a secure space for Carol and her chick to rest and stay protected from the harsh winter elements. The illustration captures the sense of warmth, security, and love that Carol provides for her little chick, making it a heartwarming addition to the book.