Image size: 8" x 10" - Edition of 70 signed and numbered prints, 10 artist proofs remarqued.

Radar is a charming and colorful Patagonian conure, a small parrot with a brilliant green and blue plumage, who has an impressive ability to speak English and make requests. One evening, he flew into the ranch and immediately caught my attention with his playful and inquisitive demeanor. I welcomed him into my studio, where he quickly took a liking to his new surroundings.

During the day, Radar would happily spend his time in the yard, perched on the fence or the branches of nearby trees, chirping and singing joyfully. He was particularly fond of the horses and would often request to ride on their backs, which was quite a sight to see. In the evenings, he would retire to his cozy cage in the studio, where he would rest peacefully until the next morning.

Radar was a delightful addition to my life, and I enjoyed his company immensely. His charming personality, curious nature, and sweet disposition made him a beloved member of the family.