"Saddle Up"


“Saddle Up”

Giclee print
Image size: 8" x 10" - Edition: 50 signed and numbered, 15 remarqued artist proofs.

  School's in session! Painted here, my dear friend Cathy O'Neill is tossing a saddle on my new filly, "Liberty", my mare Whiskey’s first foal.

  Liberty was born handicapped with a tendon problem on July 4th 1976. She couldn't stand and after six months of my dressing Liberty's leg in quick casts, to stretch her tendons, she could finally stand on her own.

  All of our hard work had paid off. Seeing Liberty accept the saddle and then a rider was one of the greatest rewards in my life. I rode her the next year on the cattle drive and she was a natural with the cattle.