"The Gathering"


"Christmas and Carol"

"The Gathering"

Original Glazed Watercolor - Framed

Image size: 8-1/4" x 10-1/2"

In one of our beautifully illustrated children's books, "Christmas and Carol," there is a heartwarming scene that depicts a mother hen, Carol, who has lost her baby chick in the midst of a fierce snowstorm. Carol is shown as being distraught and helpless, struggling to navigate through the deep snow and icy terrain. However, just when things seemed bleak, our heroic rooster Rusty came to her rescue. The illustration shows Rusty carrying Carol's baby chick in his beak while leading the way for Carol, who is following closely behind. Rusty is depicted as being strong and determined, bravely forging a path through the treacherous snow, while Carol is shown as being grateful and relieved to have her chick back in her safety. Together, Rusty and Carol make their way up the snowy hill until they finally reach the safety of the hen house, where they can finally rest easy knowing that they are all together and safe.