"The Last Princess"


"The Last Princess"


Image size: 8" x 12" - Edition 89 signed and numbered prints, 12 artist proofs.


Gurun Princess Rong'an was the last princess of China to belong to the Qing Dynasty. She was born on 7 May 1855, during the fourth year of the reign of the Xianfeng Emperor, and was the only daughter of the emperor and his consort, Li.


As a royal member of the family, Princess Rong'an received the best education and was well-versed in literature and music. She was also skilled in painting and calligraphy. Her father, the emperor, passed away when she was only ten years old, leaving her with a younger brother who would later become the Tongzhi Emperor.

Princess Rong'an's life was short, as she passed away on 28 February 1875 at the age of 19. However, her legacy as the last princess of China remains memorable.