"The Redeye Express"


“The Redeye Express”

Lithograph print
Image size: 8" x 22" - Edition: 500 signed and numbered, 25 remarqued artist proofs.

  The concept for the Redeye was a bunch of dusty drovers coming into town for the first time in months.

  Pockets full of money, the first stop was always the nearest saloon to wash down the dust.

  The models are local cowboys and friends. I invited them all one evening to the famous “End of the Trail Saloon here in Dayton. Drinks on me.

  During the three-hour session at the End of the Trail Saloon the cowboys at the bar drank 287 mugs of beer and 96 shots of whiskey. A very good time was had by all.

  The paintings on the back wall are by famous American artist like Remington, Sargent, Eakins, Russell, and George Bellows.