"With Spirit"


"With Spirit"
Lithograph Print
Image size: 11" x 16" - Edition: 500 signed and numbered prints, 25 remarqued artist proofs.

The painting was created at a historic cabin located in Washoe Valley, Nevada. The cabin was originally built for a Tom Mix movie back in the early 1920s, and the rock fireplace was painted silver to stand out in the black and white film. The concept for the painting was to capture the ambiance of after-dinner music. The scene depicts the warmth of the fire, the glow of the oil lamps, and a steaming kettle of coffee.


The mood of the picture is completed by the soothing sound of the violin. Ray Muller, who has a peg leg, is the model in the painting. The title of the painting was inspired by the instructions on sheet music from the piano lessons of the artist's five-year-old daughter, which read to play it "With Spirit.”